Life Update • April 8, 2018

So Close!

I am creeping up on graduation from Texas A&M University – May 10th is the day! My degree will be in Math with a minor in Spanish. How are those two things related? I don’t know! After 7 3/4 semesters I cannot wait to cross the finish line and be done trying to find parking on TAMU’s busy campus. If you want to come to my graduation, I’d love to have you there – reach out to me for more information.

Mexico Mission Trip

March 9-18 I had the opportunity to co-lead our church’s Spring Break Mission trip to Monterrey, NL, Mexico for the second year! It was our most effective year yet and we saw lots of students coming to the events the church put on. We saw several students come to know Christ and attend a small group!

What’s Next?

In case you’re wondering what I’ll be doing with that fancy math degree, I’m sorry to tell you, I won’t be using it in the way you expect. After graduation, I plan on working as a (support-based) campus missionary at Fellowship Church, here in College Station. (You can learn more about the church at That means I’ll be discipling college girls, leading in a small group, helping with campus/church events, assisting in administrative tasks, continuing to co-lead our Mexico mission trip, and so much more! I look forward to embarking on that journey and really need support from you guys – in prayer, encouragement, and I ask that you’d consider supporting me financially as well!

I begin “support raising” for this position in June! And I’ll be moving back to the big Wichita Falls until I complete this fund-raising process!

The Boy

The Lord has also been teaching me a lot through my relationship with Stephen, an awesome guy who works for Fellowship Church as well!



I’ve decided to start a blog ( where I will keep folks updated on the happenings of my life but also posting semi-regularly about what God is speaking to me/doing in my life to process it all! Follow me here to keep up with it!

Thanks for caring about me and what Jesus is doing in my life!

One thought on “Life Update • April 8, 2018

  1. Brian says:

    Seeking HIS face. That’s makes me cry. Over the last few weeks GOD has exposed to me how HE abhors sin and also exposed the blind spots in my life. I’m not sure why I share this in here other than I love the platforms that HE has given to point to HIM even if it humiliates us. Seeking HiS face. Oh the beauty of HIS mercy and grac. More to come


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