Life Update • September 3, 2018

I Graduated!


Anyone who was around me in the month of May knows it was touch-and-go for a while there, but I did get to walk that stage on May 10, 2018! I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and had a minor in Spanish. Honestly, college was extremely difficult for me, and I just believe it was only by the grace of God that I finished when it didn’t seem possible. I know He has big plans for me on this side of graduation!


New Job, New Me… Sorta

As you can see in the featured picture of this post, I cut off all my hair this summer as I began a new journey! Actually, the hair cut wasn’t metaphoric – it was just too dang hot in Texas and I was tired of brushing my mane. Nonetheless, I am incredibly excited about my new career! After being a part of Fellowship Church throughout college, I decided to join their staff team and enter into full-time ministry as a missionary to the students of Texas A&M. What that means for me is that I get to spend the vast majority of my work hours engaging in evangelism and discipleship, which is what my heart absolutely beats for! I get to serve as a true missionary to students as they are off on their own for the first time making some of life’s toughest decisions!

Our church is made up primarily of college students who don’t provide a traditional tithe (10% of $0 is still just $0), so our staff are support based, meaning we rely on others to partner with us in regular giving to make what we do possible. Our heart is to continue to serve those students regardless of their ability to give financially to a church.

Since mid June, I have been engaged full-time in the process of gaining supporters (both financially and in prayer) for my ministry team and I am at 72.8% of my goal for recurring giving!  I get to share my passion with people and tell them about the work that God is doing in College Station, specifically on Texas A&M’s campus! It can be lonely, and scary, and discouraging at times, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, not even a ministry position where I am paid without raising support, because I get to have a whole team of people surrounding me in all that I do for that campus. Support raising gives others the opportunity to sacrificially give to a ministry they really believe in, in an area they may not be able to serve themselves. It challenges me to be bold and humbly ask the Body of Christ for my needs. It’s difficult, but the Lord has already taught me invaluable lessons in this season.

If you want to hear more about what I am doing, and/or how you can help, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask me! I would love to share! (Links to learn more at bottom of page)

IMG_3209A Quick Update on Stephen

We spent nearly 3 months apart this summer, but it was so good for our relationship! We learned a lot about good, effective communication and things are going really well for us! I’ve gotten to see him a couple of times since he returned to Texas, and I am excited to see where the Lord leads us!


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